SUGE Party Yangchun Club Vanue 2024
Introducing our latest project: the lifting system for the new club! We are proud to be the manufacturers of advanced lift equipment for clubs. Our cutting-edge lifting systems are designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of venues, providing seamless and stylish solutions for raising and lowering surfaces and equipment.

Our lifting system offers:

Smooth Operation: Effortless lifting and lowering with precision engineering.
Safety: Built with high-quality materials and safety features to ensure reliable use.
Customization: Tailored to meet the specific needs and aesthetics of your venue.
Space Optimization: Maximizes the use of space, allowing for more flexible and dynamic layouts.
Join us in celebrating the completion and grand opening of this new venue, equipped with our state-of-the-art lifting system. Cheers to innovation and excellent service! ✨
Club rotation DJ booth
Experience the excitement with our rotating DJ booth!
Exciting news! Our recent project in Thailand is a triumph! We've added a cutting-edge lifting cube screen to our favorite club, taking the nightlife experience to a whole new level.
Super Party
Exciting Club Project Update!
A new night #SPACECLUB (ZUNYI CITY) we finished installation on 2023-11-09 and opened on 2023-11-10,lifting and rotation were designed by #JuchenStage.
Let’s take a look at the new action designs.
Welcome to visit our factory and have a experience in our showroom!
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LAOS WANXIANG TIANGONG CLUB was finished installation on Nov. 2023!
#bardesign #liftingmachinery #nightclubdesign #nightclublighting #stagelighting #nightclublife #DJstage #lightingtruss #liftingtruss #striplight
New club
New Project in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,let's take a look,will be open soon~
Night Club Case in Malacca City, Malaysia
One more night club lifting machinery case in Malaysia on 2023 year!
Shipped a full set of equipment for Jingxi bar in Guangxi
#Cranes, light stands, light truss, screen stands, custom shaped stands, truss, aluminum truss
Customized wia
Tangshang customized wia made by Juchen Stage!
New project in Hunan-Light truss & Truss motor
Hexagonal lighting stand & truss motor served by Juchen stage.
2023 new project in Jiangxi-lighting stand & Truss motor
Colorful engine lighting truss completed installation and debugging in New year 2023!
2023 new project in Guangxi-Lighting stand & Truss motor
Machinery equipments debugging before use.Project on Jan. 2023. Wish the Bar with a prosperous business in the future! #barequipment #clubequipment #aluminumtruss #stageequipment #factory #trussmotor