Night Club Case in Malacca City, Malaysia
One more night club lifting machinery case in Malaysia on 2023 year!
Shipped a full set of equipment for Jingxi bar in Guangxi
#Cranes, light stands, light truss, screen stands, custom shaped stands, truss, aluminum truss
Customized wia
Tangshang customized wia made by Juchen Stage!
New project in Hunan-Light truss & Truss motor
Hexagonal lighting stand & truss motor served by Juchen stage.
2023 new project in Jiangxi-lighting stand & Truss motor
Colorful engine lighting truss completed installation and debugging in New year 2023!
2023 new project in Guangxi-Lighting stand & Truss motor
Machinery equipments debugging before use.Project on Jan. 2023. Wish the Bar with a prosperous business in the future! #barequipment #clubequipment #aluminumtruss #stageequipment #factory #trussmotor