290*290mm SPIGOT TRUSS

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Spigot truss is a type of structural framework commonly used in construction and events industries for creating temporary or permanent structures. It consists of lightweight aluminum or steel tubes connected together using specially designed spigots and pins. The spigots are inserted into the tubes and secured with pins, providing a strong and stable connection.

One of the key advantages of spigot truss is its modular design, which allows for easy assembly and disassembly without the need for specialized tools or expertise. This makes it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including stage and lighting rigs, exhibition booths, support structures for audio and visual equipment, and more.

Spigot truss systems come in various shapes and sizes, including square, triangular, and circular configurations, allowing for flexibility in design and layout. Additionally, they can be customized with accessories such as corner blocks, base plates, and connectors to accommodate specific requirements.

Overall, spigot truss offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating durable and customizable structures in the construction and entertainment industries, making it a popular choice for professionals worldwide.

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