Portable Assembly Stage

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Product Features

1. High-Quality Materials: Constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy and anti-slip panels to ensure stability and safety.

2. Modular Design: Each stage unit can be freely connected to accommodate different venues and event requirements.

3. Quick Installation: Simple assembly system, no professional tools needed, set up in minutes.

4. High Portability: Lightweight design, easy to transport and store after disassembly.

5. Versatile Applications: Suitable for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, and more.


· Stage Size: Each unit measures 1.22m x 1.22m1.22*2.44m or custom sizes available.

· Height Adjustment: Adjustable from 0.4m to 1.2m or customize fix height stage.

· Load Capacity: Supports up to 800 kg per square meter.

· Material: Aluminum alloy frame, anti-slip panels.

Usage Scenarios

· Concerts and Performances: Quickly set up a stage for artists and provide the best experience for the audience.

· Exhibitions and Displays: Flexible layout design to meet various display needs.

· Weddings and Banquets: Create the perfect platform for wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

· Conferences and Launch Events: Provide a professional stage for speeches and product launches.

Contact Us

For more information about our portable assembly stage, please contact us:

· Phone/Whatsapp: +86 13922112556

· Email[email protected]

· Address: No 12,Yongfeng Road,Shawan Street,Panyu District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province.


Choose our portable assembly stage to enhance your events with professional staging solutions.


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