Resume work notice

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Author : Leda Mo
Update time : 2023-02-02 09:30:48
We have finished the Spring Festival holiday and officially returned to work on 1th Feb. 2023. Hope everyone work with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.Be health and prosperity in the new year!
Looking forward to working with you!
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Delivery arrangement to South Africa Delivery arrangement to South Africa
May .26.2023
Thanks for trusting from our South Africa Xolani.All Equipments had been loaded in one 40 HQ container and dispatched on yesterday!Products include 1  curved truss system,rotating lighting truss,3 sets of stage platform,dj stage,2 gantry crane,outdoor LED screen,2 sets of scaffold,
If you are looking for stage truss,stage floor,stage lighting truss,or any other stage equipments,please contact us for factory price!
Lighting truss for PERU customer Lighting truss for PERU customer
May .25.2023
Successful  LED Screen Installation Test
The exhibition ended successfully! The exhibition ended successfully!
May .12.2023
#Truss, Machinery, Bar, DJ, Trade, Entertainment, Equipment, Stage, Show, Technology, Entertainment Stage
Welcome to inquiry!
Exhibition Preparation Exhibition Preparation
Apr .19.2023
Lifting & Rotating truss are testing!